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Welcome to my page of reflections on the mandala art of Henry Reed. Long ago, I envisioned my writing as viewing life through my looking glass…my kaleidoscope. I love the way the picture changes, with each turn of the scope. Yet, it’s always unique and beautiful. After long enjoying Henry’s mandalas in my daily email, I discovered that, beyond looking at the artwork, I was feeling prompted to write words from my heart regarding what was going on in my life. I began my own daily affirmations, or reflections…and posting them here, beginning in August 2009. ~ Nov. 13, 2011, Henry completed his 7th year -- 2,556 mandala paintings -- thus completing a circle. A new one begins. Hope you'll tune in to watch what develops in this blog space of Henry Reed, SusanGail and ATB ~ It's a journey of intuitive heart.


Note to visitors of All Things Beautiful...

Below you will see my reflections on The Daily Mandala from the archives, beginning with Nov. 13, 2004...progressing gradually onward to Nov. 13, 2007, when Henry concluded his seven-year series. To see the newest mandalas, scroll down the where I first began the reflections in 2009. So, I've a long way to go before I sleep, in these mandala woods, so lovely, dark and deep!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Daily Mandala: November 17, 2004

Speaking my piece, I love it. It's time to allow the genie out of the bottle, the light being that wishes to express herself via my intuitive heart. I'm finally getting the message:"I gotta crow!"~ ATB

The Daily Mandala: November 17, 2004

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Daily Mandala: November 16, 2004

 Healing heartstrings weave a beautiful symphony surrounding me, cradling me, uplifting me with sounds of  holistic harmony. ~ ATB 

Daily Mandala Archives of Henry Reed 11-13-04 to 11-13-11

 The Daily Mandala: November 16, 2004

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Wisdom Quotes of Henry Reed on Intuition and Dreams 
"...for many people, not following a hunch usually comes down to not being able to trust one's inner self in the absence of outside support. So what is it that makes intuition so difficult to trust?" ~ Henry Reed [The Intuitive Heart]


Friday, November 25, 2011

The Daily Mandala: November 15, 2004

 It's a wonderful life, all in all, from each quirky corner to each staircase of dreams. At the heart is the music that dances within it. When I tune into its song, I've found my joy in being. All is well, then; and all is beautiful. ~ ATB 

The Daily Mandala: November 15, 2004

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Daily Mandala: November 14, 2004

 Giving thanks for friends and family... beautiful blessings of love spread around the harvest table of autumn bounty...each sharing a unique light that together completes the circle, links the bond, creates the pattern of harmony that expands the global heart. ~ ATB
The Daily Mandala: November 14, 2004

~ Wisdom Quotes of Henry Reed on Intuition and Dreams ~
"Intuition is useful in getting a vision of where you want to go, in deciding which 'mountain' is worth climbing. Second, intuition is useful in deciding the best place to start. Finally, intuition comes in handy along the way, at each crossroad where you have to make a decision." ~ Henry Reed [The Intuitive Heart]

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Daily Mandala: November 13, 2004

  On this day of new beginnings, I SEE that I dwell in a province of all things beautiful. There is much to explore, much to learn, much to bring joy to my soul. New possibilities abound here. New dreams are taking shape. Within this place, I've discovered my realm of 'Camelot' ... my invincible heart. ~ ATB
The Daily Mandala: November 13, 2004

Daily Mandala Archives of Henry Reed 11-13-2004 to 11-13-2007
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Wisdom Quotes of Henry Reed on Intuition and Dreams
"These days, the idea of turning to your intuition for guidance has even become trendy. There is a growing interest in intuition, not just in the self-help section of the bookstores, but also in corporations and boardrooms." ~ Henry Reed [The Intuitive Heart]

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Daily Mandala May 4, 2007
All Things Beautiful!
The beginning of a new adventure...
One of the most beautiful experiences in my life has been learning about mandala art, and sharing Henry Reed's vast repertoire.
 On Nov. 13, 2011, Henry made this announcement to his Daily Mandala followers on Facebook:
Today,  November 13, 2011, is the 7th year anniversary of my Daily Mandala blog. It feels like a good time to stop. All 2556 mandalas are freely available for viewing and downloading at

As you can see 2556 representing seven years of faithful daily expression. 
I've come to look forward to writing my own daily reflections about them. So, this means a new phase for me, as well.
Sending blessings to Henry for the new things he will bring forth, and thanks to all of my personal mandala reflection fans on Facebook for enjoying them along with me, and for writing your comments.
As for daily reflections, maybe it's time to begin that book I've been putting off:)

We'll see what develops on this blogspot page. Meanwhile, the Daily Mandala archives are there to enjoy at the Daily Mandala Blogspot. 

The mandala in this picture is from May 4, 2007. It's my logo mandala selected for me for the Creative Spirit Revival workshop of Janis and Henry Reed in the spring of 2008. It's the logo I use for my All Things Beautiful signature theme.
It represents a journey to the heart...and it's  unfolding beautifully. ~ ATB!