All Things Beautiful...Through My Kaleidoscope

Welcome to my page of reflections on the mandala art of Henry Reed. Long ago, I envisioned my writing as viewing life through my looking glass…my kaleidoscope. I love the way the picture changes, with each turn of the scope. Yet, it’s always unique and beautiful. After long enjoying Henry’s mandalas in my daily email, I discovered that, beyond looking at the artwork, I was feeling prompted to write words from my heart regarding what was going on in my life. I began my own daily affirmations, or reflections…and posting them here, beginning in August 2009. ~ Nov. 13, 2011, Henry completed his 7th year -- 2,556 mandala paintings -- thus completing a circle. A new one begins. Hope you'll tune in to watch what develops in this blog space of Henry Reed, SusanGail and ATB ~ It's a journey of intuitive heart.


Note to visitors of All Things Beautiful...

Below you will see my reflections on The Daily Mandala from the archives, beginning with Nov. 13, 2004...progressing gradually onward to Nov. 13, 2007, when Henry concluded his seven-year series. To see the newest mandalas, scroll down the where I first began the reflections in 2009. So, I've a long way to go before I sleep, in these mandala woods, so lovely, dark and deep!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Daily Mandala: June 8, 2005

 Calm as a whirling dervish, gentle as a fuchsia rose-petaled heart, swirling faster, living the joy, loving the art. Healing power spins the get-up-and go-green blades of timeless journeying through the days. The faster I spin, the more I SEE, patiently weaving eternity. ~ ATB
The Daily Mandala: June 8, 2005

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Daily Mandala: June 6, 2005

 The wheel of my life colors me beautifully, to fly like a magic carpet through celestial seas, or float unencumbered along skyways of dreams. Its brilliance propels me; its clarity reminds me, to be true to the healing heart of me. ~ ATB

The Daily Mandala: June 6, 2005

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Daily Mandala: June 5, 2005

 My dreaming mind accompanies me during my waking time, discovering wisdom in the simplest of encounters. ~ ATB
The Dai ly Mandala: June 5, 2005